Evaluating Methods of Aesthetic Enquiry across Disciplines

International Leverhulme Network

This Network will evaluate contrasting methods of aesthetic enquiry across disciplines. Using case studies, scholars with different views on the ‘aesthetic’ and diverse and complementary sets of expertise, will seek to identify nodes of congruence/conflict in aesthetic enquiry across disciplines in Humanities, Social Sciences and Cognitive Sciences. Through assessing disciplinary strengths and weaknesses and delineating intersecting research questions and fields of enquiry, we shall generate new dialogues and propose productive strategies for transdisciplinary enquiry. Moreover, aesthetics has been framed in Western contexts and we will seek to work across cultural as well as disciplinary boundaries.

The Network is structured as a series of six workshops across three years, creating opportunities for the members to come together and discuss methodology in an intensive workshop setting.


Lead Partner: Prof Dee Reynolds

Network Facilitator: Dr Hannah Allan

Contact: aestheticsnetwork@gmail.com